Tuesday Jan 11, 2022

Introducing the Mossback podcast!

Mossback is the companion podcast to the popular Mossback’s Northwest video series that airs on KCTS 9. The Mossback podcast digs deeper into the topics that fans want to know more about from the current season of Mossback’s Northwest.

Hosted by Sara Bernard, each episode of this series will feature an interview with Mossback, Knute Berger, about one episode of the video series. The podcasts will provide stories and factoids that were left on the cutting room floor, along with critical analysis from Berger and a greater context that will stitch each topic into the long, storied history of the Pacific Northwest.

In this preview teaser, Bernard and Berger chat about the origins and aims of their new venture. 



Hosts: Sara Bernard, Knute Berger

Editorial assistance: Mason Bryan

Executive Producer: Mark Baumgarten

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Version: 20240320